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My name is Balázs Bozó; I was born in 1972 in Szentes. From the aspect of electron tubes, the date of my birth can be considered quite late. My interest for mechanics arose early in my childhood; my most preferred field has been the electronics, especially acoustics. From the age of 13, I began to construct tube amplifiers but generally I fine-tuned my plans again and again till a new idea replaced them. Unfortunately, this hobby of mine hadn’t been the favourite of my parents. Later I got acquainted with Hi-Fi Magazine or Mosaic, which had a deep impression on my interests and aspect – though I have to confess that I only heard just one or two of the devices discussed in the magazine in the reality. Interestingly, I never planned to purchase my own amplifier – although I had bought some transistor amplifiers just to be able to listen to music till the „undisputedly best” device will be constructed by my hands. My first and most favoured tube for a long time was the PL509 or 19; however I never used it to construct an amplifier. (Sometimes, later, life brought is before my scene though, for example in APX-100 from BEAG.)

Meanwhile, my interest and grade in computer science forced me to start an enterprise and with one of my friends we established the Gadget Computer Bt. Tubes became a part of this enterprise with mainly computer profile. I had also plans for selling ready-made amplifiers as well, but due to lack of capital, I could only partially achieve this goal. So we kept on dealing with the KITs. Our goal by KITs and amplifiers was to make the customers realize that it is best for them to purchase these from us; what’s more it is even better than to look for the parts by themselves. We try to hold a margin, which convinces the customer that it’s better to purchase these from us than to waste time and money to seek for them, order them, construct device, annoy and re-order etc… We’ve already gone after, seek, imported, and tested etc. the parts.

My current music-listening audio set: Rega Planar2 record-player with the original “s” arm, ortophone mc15 pick-up. The other turntable is a Rotel RCD971. The DA transformer (built by me) is a single sampling (AD1865 DA) with accumulator high end. The pre-amplifier and the end is obviously my own GAD300 (can be seen above, in the picture 300B SE) and currently the accumulator pre-end Stefano Perlgini RIAA with tube MC pre-amplifier). On the end of the line are 2 funnel arrays built of 2 Lowther DX2 speakers. All extra stuff is free of cables, since the plain copper proved to be unbeatable up to now.

For a long time, I thought that by some kind of circuit trick, the miracle will be born, but up to now, it didn’t. Rather, what I can see nowadays is how the simplest construction can be very grateful for careful maintenance. Also here, the trick lies in the small things. However, I’d rather not to draw the long bow and, even if I made a trip into the world of esotericism, I do not believe in frightfully expensive parts. A part with a higher price has to prove itself extremely in price/value ratio to get built in by me. But, as for esotericism again, I’m striving for the goal that those effects detected only in the circle of connoisseurs (e.g. PW effects, better sound without a phone etc.) should make the people think. I don’t want to cast a number of spells; simply I would like to make these phenomena visible, that they are reproducible. Of course they have subjective effects, but it is beyond doubt that they have some kind of effect. In my opinion, these phenomena should get to the level which radioanaesthetics has already reached. If I can’t sleep well for days, maybe I should have a look at the underwater water currents. But it also may appear that the music sounds different on those spots where I can not get into sleep. But – staying at the example above – I can also imagine that even the best possible line would not give perfect sound if it had been assembled above a current. I don’t want to be a missionary, and it is not the aim of this site as well – but I gladly provide place for such kind of descriptions and stories which are about such kind of phenomena just to make it possible for everyone to try it at home and form his own opinion about is.

I established this site to serve as a forum for everyone who uses electron tubes. This country – once an electron-tube superpower – had almost completely forgotten about these devices, which brought so much glory some time ago. It would be very pitiful to let this heritage to become extinct. Even if I am also a great Hi-Fi fan, I don’t want to cause any inconvenience for electron tube users, so please dear visitor, don’t hold yourself back and write to these pages since you can be sure that you’ll have readers. And, as you’ll see I also made some trips to others fields, like to the world of nixie-tubes or my old favorites, magic eyes, but also the plasma speaker had been an interesting try.

I plan this site to be absolutely self-sustainable; its commercial part could later be extended for members with their own stocks for sale. The promised descriptions are mostly ready, but their appearance on the site is the function of my free time, so subscribe to our newsletter, because in this case you’ll surely be notified about the changes on time.


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