Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to do if I can not notice the update of the site mentioned in the newsletter? Primarily, this depends on the settings of your browser. By default, in order to increase its speed, the program is set to store some sites and homepages on the hard disk of the local computer and downloads them only from time to time again. So when we are browsing a site, our computer looks for it first on the local hard disk. In case it is found, the browser is not going to look at the site on the net or initiates downloading it in the background. This can be avoided if we resize the maximum size of the locally stored files by program settings, or even switch this setting off. In this case, our browser will be seemingly slower, but we can read see always the current data on the screen.
This problem can be also a function of the proxy (also set by program settings). This performs similar functions as local storage in this case. If we use the „refresh” button of our browser and the problem is not solved, it is worth to switch off the proxy.   back

What to do if there are only unreadable scrawls and scribbles in the newsletter? This is possible because the newsletter uses UTF-8 character code to display the characters with accents (just like the pages of and the mail client does not recognize this. There are two very simple solutions for this problem: in the first case the settings of the mail client (the program which reads the letter) used to contain a „character coding” menu, which can be set to UTF-8. The second solution is to use a newer or other program for reading our e-mails, since the UTF-8 coding started to spread only a few years ago, so older programs possibly won’t recognize it. The greatest advantage of this coding is that all special or accented characters of the world can be found in it, so we can type for example Cyril and Greek letters combined using the same format (e.g. mathematical formulas by the description of Russian tubes)   back

About the advantages of the membership: After completing the registration on the site, the user automatically becomes a member and will be able to attach his electron tubes to those offered on the site with his own descriptions. Members also get a 5 % discount from the listed price. They also get free marketing stuff offered by (t-shirts, jugs etc.). Members get discount for the issues published by The offers of the member will be allowed to appear on our site (in the given section!), and members get a discount also for our prices. During registration, all data of the members will be handled confidentially. (see. Terms & Conditions.)    back

How can I be a registered member: Currently this option is not available, but soon it becomes available with a registry page. Attention! The registration for the newsletter does not have anything to do with the registration for membership!   back

How can I publish my own texts on the page: Just send it in an e-mail to me in some electronic format (plain text -.txt, word document -.doc, hypertext -.html/htm, rich text -.rtf, or any other format e.g. .pdf, etc.; attached images can also have any known formats, or in extreme cases even printed images. Please do not forget to let me know the conditions of the publication. Attention! If the article contains sections which violate copyright, the consequences have to be born exclusively by the author!    back

I’d like to advertise my firm or service on this page: Please contact me in order to discuss the details. (via e-mail, phone, etc. see order page)    back

I’d like to have my own site among the links: Please send me your request with the address of the site.    back

How can I purchase: See order page for necessary answers.   back

About tubes which can be purchased only in pairs or quads: Tubes labeled with Only Pair and Only Quad on the price list can be ordered only in pairs or quads respectively. Since we give prices for single pieces, consequently the prices should be multiplied by 2 or 4 in case of pair or quad order.    back

About the selection of the tubes: In case of many tubes, it is possible to order them in pairs or double pairs (quads). Generally, selecting these does not increase the price. Newly purchased tubes however, arrive in pairs or quads selected by the factory and the division of quads or pairs are not possible (perhaps the quads can be divided into pairs). As far it can be seen, we do not possess sufficient quantity of tubes to make selection possible and since 1 % selection supposes a stock of 1000 pieces.    back

Installation: Parts have to be installed with great care. Installation should be done by an expert because of the possible settings, not even mentioning warranty issues   back

Replacement: By replacing an electron tube with a given version number and producer, always consider the parameters of the original version, and the settings of the application! In many cases the replacement by catalogue is no tan option, either because of the electrical, or the mechanical parameters, or because of the installation of the tube base. Replacement tube change has to be done by an expert by every means! Inappropriate settings can shorten the lifetime of the tube, or in extreme cases the tube can be spoiled! Inadequate installation makes the warranty null and void.    back

Used tubes: We do not deal with the selling of used or second-hand tubes, unless it is a museum piece or necessary for some kind of restoration, but in these cases we indicate this! However, in the received packages we can find some signs which hints to former usage. Unfortunately, most of the tubes arrive to us among such circumstances that their state indicates former usage. In some cases, even we put some signs on their contacts when we meter them in order to be sure that they are really brand new. Unfortunately we have to do this in case of some suppliers, not even mentioning the selection, which includes a trial operation (as well).    back

Warranty: Handling of warranty takes place in the usual way applied in commerce. However, we should take one or two peculiarities into consideration, since electron tubes are quite special products, and there are some types which aren’t produced further and there are museum pieces as well. These are valuable pieces even if they are spoiled. We do not sell used tubes, though with the starting of the on-line merchandise there is a growing danger for that. To prevent this, only registered members can offer tubes for sale. For tubes which do not fall into any of the above-mentioned categories, we take the same warranties as the producer. This can be in some cases differ from the usual one year long period! Warranty – as usual – applies only for the parts installed by experts. To validate warranty, please enclose the electric parameters among which the tube did or did not work. The best way to do this is to enclose the circuit diagram with the indication of voltage and current parameters. The warranty of the tube can only be validated if the problem is reproducible. The parameters of the applied circuit are therefore advised to compare with the factory specifications! In some cases, the replacing part which is recommended by the literature is not a perfect solution, or decreases the lifetime of the tube! Of course in this case the warranty remains valid!    back

Safety precautions and aspects: Our sites also contain (or will contain later) construction manuals. By every construction manual, the appropriate application and understanding of safety precautions for electric devices is supposed, notwithstanding the basic construction skills. Each manual can be used for the own responsibility of the constructor! Every recommendation, standard and rule for protecting health and property can only be effective if we understand and keep them! Even if a possible solution suggests the loose handling of the safety precautions, do not apply them! For example 220 V anode voltage offers the possibility of direct supply from the mains voltage, never turn on the device without a safety transformer! In most of the cases, accidents are caused by recklessness and light-headedness!    back

Our responsibilities: Publications and data appearing on the sites of are purely informal; we DO NOT take any responsibility concerning their content or accidents originating from inappropriate content!
Construction manuals on the site require expertise! Damages in health and property during the construction and use of the devices responsibilities are taken exclusively by the Constructor and the User. Safety precautions always have to be considered! Constructions and tests can be done exclusively for the own responsibility of the User!   back

Copyright: Publications on the site (texts, graphics, and images) are free to read and to download for personal use. Without my written consent and/or notification, the publication in electronic or any other format is strictly forbidden. Every publication and image appearing on the site is protected by copyright! Every part of the site acts as my property (including the downloadable programs, database, graphics, images and all other parts). Without permission, the copying or using of these is forbidden. Browsing and reading the site presumes that the issues of legal information above have been read understood and agreed.
In case the contents of published articles violate other authors’ copyright, responsibility is exclusively taken by the author of the received article; the site does not take any kind of responsibility! Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to check the origins of the received articles.    back

Confidential data usage: The handles every information, data confidentially and therefore these are not provided to third parties. By the storage and handling of the data, we follow the regulations of the Law on Data Protection.    back

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