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Ordering Information

Thank you for the interest in the products and services I have available. I ship orders “World Wide” and package orders so they will arrive safely. There is a 30Eu minimum order requirement. Please check the price lists, in a few cases, due to packaging costs, there may be a higher minimum required. All orders come with a full guarantee. If you are not satisfied with an Item you receive, I will be happy to replace it or provide a full purchase price refund. In most cases, the item needs to be returned as part of the replacement or refund process. I am happy that Returns are very rare and those items have been microphonic or noisy tubes.
When appropriate, I will include alternate methods of shipping in my order quotes to Customers. This will ensure they are shipped the safest and most cost effective way.

    We're currently experiencing problems with the order form. The best way to place an order is by sending me an e-mail that includes the following information:
  • The name or part number of the Item/Items
  • The Description of the Item/Items as listed on my Web Site
  • The Quantities of the Item/Items you wish to purchase.
  • Your complete Shipping Address.

Please do not just send me your Name and Zip Code or Country. If you send me your complete shipping address I can prepare an Order Quote and reserve the Item/Items pending your Order Confirmation. Yes, I will reply to an order request without the complete shipping address, but the Item/Items will not be reserved for you. You can save both of us time and e-mails by sending it to me in your initial inquiry.
When you receive the order quote, I will ask you to response via e-mail to confirm the order. If I do not receive this within 5 days, the Item/Items will be made available to other Customers. I also ask you to identify the method you chose to pay for the order. This helps me schedule my packaging and allows me to contact you if it appears the payment is has not arrived due to a processing or mailing problem

Payment Methods Available
Sorry, but I am not set up to accept credit cards. In most cases, you can use your Credit Card to send me funds via Paypal. Paypal accepts credit cards from the US and some foreign countries. Paypal charges me a Processing Fee 3% for US payments and 4% for International payments. I always have the Order cost via Paypal on my Order Quotes. Paypal is very popular for buying Items off the Internet and it has a very good Buyer Protection Program. It ensures you will be satisfied with the goods you receive.
International customers can send me payment by wire transfer, International Postal Money order in Euro, American Express Travelers checks or by Paypal. If the option of an International Postal Money Order is not available, I recommend you get a bank draft in Euro at your local bank.
I do not send orders COD, since some orders were returned unpaid and I had to absorb the shipping and processing costs. Until recently I shipped Orders without waiting for personal checks to clear. But, this has resulted in Returned Checks and Lost Goods not being returned or paid for. So the Order will be held until the personal check clears, which can take up to 10 days. If you don’t want to use Paypal, I suggest you get a Money Order from the Post Office or your Bank.

Shipping Information
All my orders will be shipped fully insured against Loss or Damage. Whenever possible, I ship via the Hungary Postal Service. So far, they have never lost or damaged a shipment. I wish I could say the same thing for EMS, UPS or Fed-Ex and most of the other shipping services.
When an Order’s weight, insurance value, dimensions offer shipping alternatives, such as Air versus Surface, Express versus Priority or Air Parcel, the shipping options will be included on the Order Quote. I will work with the Customer to ensure the shipping method chosen is cost effective and safe. When the order is shipped, I will contact the customer to provide tracking and estimated arrival information.
I take pride in packaging Items properly. I have been shipping a wide variety of irreplaceable Audio tubes, amplifiers for years. I will package your order properly and I thank all the customers who were kind enough to comment on my packaging expertise. Nobodies happy when it arrives broken.

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Please Quote Via
Money Order Bank Draft PayPal*

Minimum 25Eu order +Shipping and Handling
*PayPal payment please add 4%  

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